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Tea Time 學術活動系列邀請報告(150)

來源:理學院 發布日期:2020-09-14

報告題目:  Controllable Preparation of ZnO-based Nanomaterials and their Applications in Energy Storage

: 李建定 博士 (澳門大學)




In recent years, transition metal oxides have been extensively investigated as negative materials in lithium ion batteries due to their high specific capacity. Among them, ZnO is thought to be a promising anode material for lithium ion batteries due to its outstanding merits including high theoretical capacity of 987 mAh g-1, low cost, abundant resources, environmentally friendly, as well as excellent lithium ion diffusion coefficients in comparison with other transition metal oxides. However, they are faced with the problems to realize their commercial applications due to the inherent drawbacks of low electronic conductivity and huge volume change during charge/discharge. In this talk, I will discuss our progress in the development of ZnO-based materials to tackle the above-mentioned challenges during the last 3 years for energy storage.


李建定,2020年畢業于澳門大學應用物理與材料工程研究院,獲哲學博士學位,研究興趣主要為電池電極材料 (Li+/Na+/K+, 全固態電池電解質),固態儲氫材料,燃料電池陽極催化等;作為主要成員撰寫并參與了Macao Science and Technology Development Fund 2,Multi-Year Research Grant 1項,Start-up Research Fund from University of Macau 1項;迄今為止在Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Electrochimica Acta, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, Journal of magnesium and alloys, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy等期刊上發表文章14篇,書章節3篇,專利1篇。